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1395/8/12 چهارشنبه
13th Aban, National Day of Campaign against Global Arrogance

the 13th of the Iranian month of Aban, corresponding to the 4th of November, is a day of triple significance for Iran and the Islamic Revolution. No doubt, it has been named as the National Day of Campaign against Global Arrogance, since on this day on all three occasions, the plots of US imperialism against the Iranian nation went awry.
On this day in 1964, on the orders of the US, the British-installed and American-supported Pahlavi regime arrested the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace) in the holy city of Qom, and sent him into exile to Turkey. It was a move that badly backfired and 15 years later resulted in the triumphant return home of the beloved Imam and the overthrow of the Pahlavi regime, to the exasperation of the US.
The second significant occurrence of Aban 13 or November 4, happened on the 14th anniversary of the Imam's banishment in 1978, when the Shah's security forces murdered in cold blood students peacefully protesting at Tehran University against American meddling in Iran's affairs, and calling for return home of their beloved leader. To the horror of the Pahlavi regime and its backers in the White House, the martyrdom of Tehran University students, speeded up the momentum of the Islamic Revolution and brought about the end of the monarchic system three months later, with the return home of Imam Khomeini.
The 3rd significant happening of Aban 13 or November occurred a year later in 1979, when, while marking the National Students' Day, Tehran University Students converged on the US embassy, and decided to take it over, since under cover of diplomatic activities, it was functioning as the largest Espionage Den of the region, with elaborate plans for overthrowing the popularly elected Islamic Republic. Thus, this revolutionary move by students following the Path of Imam Khomeini, nipped in the bud the American plot and saved Iranian people from a catastrophe. Ever since, as per a bill passed by the Majlis or Iranian parliament, 13th of Aban or the 4th of November, has been marked as National Day of Campaign against Global Arrogance, in order to refresh the aspirations of the Iranian people for independence and liberty, without bowing to US pressures. Pause
Islamic seminaries have always stood besides the oppressed people against the oppressive powers. One of the key factors for the success and popularity of the Islamic movement set in motion by Imam Khomeini was his steadfastness against despotic powers, coupled with his deep respect for the cause of the oppressed and deprived people. University students have also stood steadfast beside the rest of the nation in the fight against Global Arrogance, as was evident by the sacrifices offered by the martyrs of 13th Aban at Tehran University on this day in 1978. With bare hands and firm fists, these students decided to shake to its foundations the Pahlavi regime, as well as its principal backers, since the Shah was nothing but a stooge of his British and American masters. The brave Iranian youth taught the world's oppressed how to instill hope in the nation by offering their lifeblood in order to regain their denied rights. Now, after over three decades since the resounding triumph of the Islamic Revolution and the capture of the US Den of Espionage, today's students are expected to continue the path of their predecessors, to keep the flag of Islamic Iran unfurled forever.
November 4 is thus an unforgettable lesson for all oppressed nations. It teaches them to undauntedly continue the struggle to throw the looters of their national wealth into the dustbin of history. The day renews the resolve of Muslims worldwide, and restores their honour and dignity for creating epics, thanks to the great divine blessing of the spirit of martyrdom, piety and steadfastness. This day is indeed the day that shattered the myth of invincibility of Global Arrogance. Today, thanks to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the legacy of the late Imam, the campaign against Global Arrogance has crossed Iran's political borders to instill in all seekers of justice and freedom, the spirit to bring about the downfall of dictators. The examples in this regard are not just the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, and Palestine, but the conscientious 99 percent deprived masses in the US.


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