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1394/8/14 پنجشنبه
Reviewing newspaper editorials after the Iran hostage crisis

November 5, 1979, the US Embassy, and revolutionary students were three parts of the puzzle that rendered a globally known incident and enraged the US. The issue found reverberations in the editorials of Iranian newspapers Keyhan, Jomhouri Eslami, Enghelab Eslami, and Etela’at

The incident, called internationally the Iran hostage crisis, was called in Iran the siege, the siege of the US spy den. A few hours after the siege, large crowds of people stormed the streets around the embassy to shout their rage at America’s decades long actions against Iran.

The following are the editorials of a few Iranian newspapers in summary discussing the incident:


The Etela’at

November 6, 1979

Marching on in the anti-arrogance battle


The siege of the American embassy which is endorsed by the whole nation is only one exhibition of the rage of our nation in the unjust economic, political, and cultural relations which we have discussed at length. The Iranian nation has shouted for freedom from such binds.




In this new round, battle should go on to the full eradication of all dependency. We should not forget that we need all forces for this battle and any schism will delay the victory.


November 8

The schemes of imperialism revealed


We know that we have to pay dearly for our independence and freedom and we are ready to pay that which is backed by the bloods of thousands of martyrs. The siege of the US embassy, radical revision in Iran-US ties, the reassessment of the oil issue in bilateral relations, are among the first steps that should be taken in order for Iran to tread on the path to freedom strongly. We have a long way ahead to make a well developed country.


November 8


Only the owls and the cowardly


It is evident that cutting economic ties with the US will run our nation into serious problems, because the US has for thirty years had Iran as a customer market and a listless follower. It has made us dependent on its factories as well as Western advisors and equipment.


We can eat less, wear less, earn less, work harder but be independent and free and proud. It is not hard to put up with such hardships for pride, independence, and beliefs.

Our revolutionary society with its immense cultural sense and its knowledge of material and spiritual welfare considers its happiness to lie in cutting ties with colonial powers.


The Keyhan


November 6


Once government stops, Imam steps forward


Really if there was not this leader and his line in answering the revolutionary moral of the youth what catastrophe should have been awaiting the revolution? If this land’s youth did not have a leader such as Khomeini who would have unified this rage at the international level and guarantee that it is not used in the service of the foreigner?


November 8


People live in the vibe of the first post-revolution days


The bold act of students following the line of the Imam has created a joy in people and they are living in the atmosphere of the first days following the revolution. You try to make the most of this unity and sense of faith which you were longing for to revive and which has come true with the wisdom of Imam.


But a word to people and that is in these moments and days which are the days of war on the looting imperialism, any kind of sit in, demonstration, etc. that goes unbidden by the Imam be it by groups for or against the school of Islam will be a help to the enemy.


November 11


The US at cross roads


The military intervention of the US to save the hostages is to be the last remaining choice for the US government which seems unlikely regarding the fact that the winter is close and the West needs Middle East oil badly. Any military intervention will cost the cutting of oil supplies from Iran and Arab countries to the West which will have a negative impact in military, political, and social spheres for the US government.




The Enghelab Eslami


November 6


The US and the revolution


Once more the reality is known to all that when the government does not carry out a necessity, that job will be performed by others. The despotic decision making centers are the biggest problem in relation to the leadership, but the government is responsible for the weakness. The nation which has been afflicted with what it has since the WWII, today we see that it supports the idea of cutting ties with the US. This nation does not and cannot want to see its country has turned like Cambodia or Lebanon.


November 7


The reaction of the US


They say the US presidential elections are near and if the prestige of democrats is mired too much, the extremist republican parties will rise to power and the time of Mosaddeq will be repeated.


The reality is that the seizure of the US embassy is an action by other than a small group for a sound purpose. This action is the cry of a nation. it is a demonstration to the ruinous policies implemented in Iran for 30 years and still does not allow our people decide for their own fate.


The Jomhouri Eslami


November 6, 1979


The revolutionary maxim of dissociation and the rage of our people


It is as though Carter and his allies have thought that our nation has forgotten about the crimes of the US in Iran, therefore they have allowed the Shah to enter the US. With their short range of vision, they have not realized that supporting the Shah will more than ever revel the US schemes against the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The act carried out by the Muslim students following the Imam, is in fact the revival of two revolutionary maxims, that is, grudge and kindness. The misunderstanding of the past century of this maxim has rendered it ineffective so far.


At a time when the enemies of the revolution make schemes from every side to derail the revolution, this true act of faith by our youth is a cry of rage that all the nation called in attempt to redeem their rights.




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