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We - Ahl al-Bayt- are God’s agents amongst people, we have been chosen by God, and we have been endowed with His holiness.

Hazrat Fatemeh (SA)

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1396/10/7 پنجشنبه
By God’s Grace we will defeat U.S. in all arenas: Ayatollah Khamenei

Members of the Council of Coordination on Islamic Propagation met with Ayatollah Khamenei this morning, December 27, 2017. The following are the statements which his eminence made at this meeting:


- We are approaching the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which was able to disrupt the structure of power and domination in the world; it [the Islamic Revolution] proved that there could be a nation that is neither domineering nor dominated.

- As a result, the enemies of Iran began to oppose the Islamic Revolution. Over the course of these 40 years, the enemies practised all sorts of hostile actions; one-tenth of these actions against any other country could have overthrown it.

- They continue with these hostile measures today. It is important to understand, in each episode of this propaganda, economical, cultural and security war, what the enemy's next move will be, in order to counteract it with a pre-emptive defense or attack.

- The enemy is lying and exaggerating with its propaganda. At the beginning of the revolution, they said the Islamic Republic would be overthrown within six months. They saw this was not the case; then, they said it would happen within two years. Now the Islamic Republic is 40 years old and extremely powerful!

- Our main enemy, the US regime, rules one of the most corrupt and most oppressive countries. It [U.S. Regime] supports terrorists. According to reports, it's still supporting DAESH and others like them. USA government supports the cruel Saudi king in his crimes against Yemen, and it supports the Zionist regime in their crimes against Palestine.

- The ruthless government of the United States, also, practices oppression within their own country. US police kill African American women, men, and children, but American courts acquit the police who commit these murders. Then, the prisoners face the worst conditions in the US prisons.

- Reagan was both wiser and more powerful than Trump. Reagan’s administration took measures against Iran; they shot down one of our passenger aircrafts. But where is Reagan and how powerful is the Islamic Republic now?

- The US government is trying to divide Iran. It is also profiting from help of some wealthy states in our region. They must know that we will advance, powerfully, with Divine favor, just as we did when we defeated them in our region.--Just as we rubbed their noses into the dirt, we will go forward with great power. With Divine permission, we will disappoint the United States in all arenas.

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1394/8/30 شنبه

France reaped what it sowed in...

Tehran Friday Prayers of this week was led by Ayatollah Khatami who commented on Paris terrorist attack
1394/8/3 يكشنبه

Ahvaz to host ‘Date & Life’ ex...

The southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz, in Khuzestan Province, will host an exhibition on ‘Date and Life’ in 2016, said Majid Keyvani, the head of Khuzestan’s NGOs Network
1394/8/3 يكشنبه

Bahraini regime forces attack ...

Bahraini forces have attacked a religious mourning ceremony south of the capital Manama that had turned into protests against the ruling Al-e-Khalifa regime
1394/7/11 شنبه

First flight carrying 104 Mina...

The flight carrying the bodies of 104 Iranian Hajj pilgrims killed in the recent crush in Mina, near the Saudi city of Mecca, has landed in Tehran







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